The GTI Bi-Fuel System from Altronic offers an affordable and efficient means of operating industrial diesel engines utilizing both diesel and natural gas (or other available gas) as fuel sources. This innovative, patented system, which requires no modification to the internal components of the engine, allows for operation on natural gas up to a maximum of 70%* of the fuel required to maintain the desired speed and load. Reduced exhaust emissions and fuel costs are just a few of the benefits of Bi-Fuel operation.


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Training and Consulting

1. “EC50-ISA Safety Instrumented Systems Design, Analysis & Justification” at Lombok/Bali, 09-13 March 2015 – POST PONED
2. “Advanced, Fire & Detection Systems (F&G) ISA at Lombok/Bali, 16-20 March 2015 – POST PONED
3. “Practical Lightning and Surge Protection, Earthing & Bonding in Industrial Facilities for Engineers and Technicians” at Bali/Lombok, 05–08 May 2015
4. “EC52-ISA, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection, at Surabaya/Jogyakarta, 25–28 May 2015
5. “PID Troubleshooting, Analysis & Tuning”, 27 – 29 July 2015
6. Please ask us for tentative training schedule for year 2015