1. We would like to wish you a Happy Eid-Mubarak 1435 H (2014) for those who celebrates. “Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin”. Our office will be closed from 28 July 2014 – 01 August 2014 and will be opened on 04 August 2014.

2. Kami mengucapkan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa bagi Anda yang menjalankannya. Kiranya ibadah puasa Anda diterima oleh Tuhan YME.

3. PT. SKIns followed a program of “Effective Leader” at Jakarta on 17 April 2014. We also doing an employee gathering in this session.

4. On 04-05 January 2013, our company followed a program of ” Content Outbound Training” at bukit kayangan, Sentul – Bogor. This program is expected to improve our leadership, communication, personality, team work, and togetherness as a family. We wish this program can bring a benefit not for only company but for personal itself as the most important.

5. PT. SKIns is not only concern on business but we also commit on character building and other topic. We have held some training for all people at PT. SKIns and we hired a professional instructor to train us. Below is the subject that we have followed:

- “Social Intelligence In Action” on 08 August 2011 at PT. SKIns

- “Personal Motivation in Action” on 29 November 2011 at PT. SKIns

- “Leadership In Action” on 29 February 2012 at PT. SKIns