about us


It is our principle to provide product and services that best serves our customers organization and business. In running a business at such a rapidly changing world economies and market, PT Sigma Kreasi Instrument (SKIns) is committed to develop a partnership with objectives to achieve outstanding results that add significant value and contribution to the long-term success. We do not believe in one-off programs which deliver a short-term benefits. We realize that success of any effort depends directly on the quality of an organization’s primary resource – its people. At SKIns, people are of the best skills, creativity and capability with extensive industry experience and proven track record. SKIns ensures a qualified experienced personnel will have capability on delivering results that meet and exceed our customers expectations. SKIns believes that we can exist until today not because of our capable or ability but we realize that it is a blessing from HIM.

Our motto: “Good name is precious than gold. Honesty is a basic to make a truly trusting for all”



“We commit to increase customer satisfy through delivery on time, a precise engineering service, and provide a good quality of training course. We also commit to do a continuous improvement with target that always be evaluated until able to create a maximum result”


“Provide world class products and services to customers, become representative agent from world class companies, benchmark with current leader, efficient operation, and giving maximum benefit to stakeholders, employees, and be a blessing for others.”


  • In God we trust
  • Comply all applicable laws and regulations
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standard Demand integrity and honesty in dealing with customers and principals
  • Recognize employee as the most valuable resources
  • Adapt continuous quality improvement as a way of life Give world class products and services